Problem statement 

Our targeted direct beneficiaries are 5,000 people in Matale Sub County especially in areas of improved community health and economically active, productive poor small scale farmers organized into farmer groups clustered in 20 high level farmer organizations.

Matale sub county has no government health centre 111 thus people in the area lack most health services like antenatal, maternity, laboratory, HIV / AIDS services, dental and community health services therefore there is to support Buseesa Medical Centre 111 a non-governmental health facility that offers all the above mentioned serves so that people in Matale Sub County are equally served.

Nearly 70 – 80% of the total population in Kibaale District are farmers who engage in small scale agriculture production especially maize growing both as a food crop and cash crop to improve their house hold incomes however farmers in rural areas have not yet benefited much profit from the maize project as it fetches very low prices which are in most cases un stable coupled with low standards of living.

The cause for low income by most farmers has been due to: low participation of farmers in the maize value chains, selling and marketing of unprocessed, poor quality maize products, inadequate market information, value addition and poor linkages between production and marketing.

Due to BCDOs limited access to financial services affects their farm inputs supply chain.

BCDO has embarked on diverting the source income for the community by: setting up demonstration sites for livestock of piggery, goats and cattle rearing using the available land other resources. The organization targets to have more than 1000 pigs in properly constructed structures, more than 100 cross bread goats.

The organization is also looking forward to improve the 3 constructed fish pond to the level of a demonstration site were the community members will learn how to get involved in fish farming project.

All the above projects can only attain their expected value if financial support is maximumly provided therefore the organization has mobilized the local people to get involved in SACCO project to get financial support for their projects

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