Kibaale District Production Team Energized by BCDO Piggery Project

The Kibaale District production team lead by the Acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has been inspired by the piggery project at Busesa Community Development Organization demonstration farm.

The team visited BCDO farm on 28th March, 2019 and they were welcomed by the Executive Director Mr. Richard Lubega. During the visit the CAO Ms. Betty Nankindu acknoweldged BCDO for initiating the piggery project and allowing farmer to learn from it.

She was specifically impressed by the piggery indigenous micro-organism (IMO) structures and the use of nipples for water supply.

A pig in the IMO structure taking water from the nipple.

She pledged to support the organization projects with good breads of pigs and advisory services through the District Veterinary office

BCDO is now the leading supplier of good breeds of piglets in greater Kibaale and some parts of the the central region. Farmer come to the demo farm for a learning visit in search for knoweldge, inputs and piglets.

Some of the piglets in BCDO farm ready for sale. Each piglet is UGX 80,000

The team also visited the goat project at BCDO which is housing over 35 hybrid goats. Betty said that appreciated the breed of goats in the farm.

Goats in the BCDO demonstration farm

She pledged full support to the farm by introducing the project to the District Planning Committee for consideration in the coming financial year with improved breeds of goats.

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