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Below are some of out detailed proposals for funding. We welcome both in kind and cash donation as we enable communities to sustain themselves.


Problem Statement

The proposed Mobilization for sustainable house hold income activities program and good community health will be implemented in an area where the farming practices among the predominantly peasantry community are very poor.  This has continued to cause problems of food insecurity, poverty, poor health and environmental degradation.  The major cause of this precarious situation is limited modern and appropriate farming knowledge and inadequate environmental awareness and concern.  The problem of environmental degradation is further exacerbated by increased pressure on trees for firewood and charcoal in both urban and rural areas because of the rapid increase in population.

The Government extension services machinery in Kibaale District is very weak and highly un-reliable and this leaves the farmers and rural communities with no alternative but rather to continue with the traditional farming methods which are quite inefficient and destructive to the environment.  This situation was very evident during the recent field assessment carried out in the area as farmers confessed they take a long time to see an Extension Worker!  Some communities confessed that they have never seen an Extension Agent in the last five years.

The high poverty (low incomes) situation make it difficult to most households to access appropriate farm inputs and paid services from private providers who are very few and expensive.  For about 5 years now Busesa Community Development Organization has been intervening on the above problems with outstanding results.  This intervention was, however, limited to only Matale Sub county till to date. Download Full proposal below

Empowering sustainable community development through fish farming and Marketing project

Problem Statement

A small population in Kibaale District practice fish farming and engage in small scale fish  production both as for home consumption and cash  to improve their house hold incomes. However peeple in rural areas have not yet got the required profit from fish project as it fetches very low prices  which are in most cases un stable coupled with low standards of living and yet its ‘quite expensive to maintain the project.  The cause for low income by most members has been due to: low participation of members in the fish  value chains, selling and marketing of unprocessed, poor quality fish products, inadequate market information, value addition and poor linkages between fish farmers and marketing.  Systems of management for rural fish farmer’s organizations are weak and cannot efficiently serve the smallholder fish farmers effectively.

Limited access to financial services affects their project  input supply chain. There is also inadequate support for education and training on advantages of fish project and marketing cooperatives. There is a need to support better fish  project access to technologies in order to improve on group competitiveness in the current stiffer competition in  the  fisheries sector. There is lack of strategic alliances for fisheries development. Download full proposal below

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