We have set up fish demonstration sites to ensure that the community gain enough skills in fish farming. Fish farming education programs on local Radios are going on.

Currently we have three fish ponds in Kajuma and Buseesa Villages. The fish ponds are 48 high wide and 115 ft wide. We anticipate an improvement in financial and nutritional status of community members in our area of operation. The fish ponds will also be a demonstration site for neighboring places and districts in the region.

Fish Pond under construction

The fish ponds also promotes environmental conservation through using the aquatic natural resources by reinstating the natural aquatic life.

The fish project started in 2016 where he got men who excavated for him one pond of size 27m by 18m. Before finishing construction, he sought services of aquaculture experts from Kibaale district to help him set up his fish farm in Kajuna which is naturally endowed with a good stream.

He started with one pond measuring 27m X 18m. 3m was spent on excavation of the pond. The pond was excavated in 2017, but it was not stocked for almost a year.

On 3rd November, 2018, the pond was stocked 4400 fish seeds at a stocking density of 8 fish/m2. The fish are being fed on by vietnum type of feed exported from china

Releasing catfish from the hapa to the pond

Under the guidance of the experts, more three ponds were excavated in 2018 that are on their way to completion.

Currently, he’s continuing to feed the 2 months old catfish in the grow out pond.

On 12th January 2019, Busesa Community Development Organization stocked type Catfish locally called Emmale (Catfish).

Four thousand and four hundred (4400) fingerlings were stocked on 3rd November, 2018 in a hapa.

After stocking, the fish were fed on a daily basis for two months. Before sampling, the fish were made to fast for a day so as to condition them. The fish sampled were found to have attained a length of 23cm and an average body weight of 180g. The fish found in the hapa were 3975 in number indicating a survival rate of 90 percent. So the fish were released in the grow out pond on the 12th January, 2019.

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