Creating a COVID19 Free Environment

In the quest to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic, Busesa Community Development Organization has put in place measures to ensure that all staff and community members accessing health services at Busesa Medical Center III are equipped with protective gargets against the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Busesa Medical Center III Team well equipped with hand hand sanitizers, face masks, and gloves

All staff of BCDO has been provided with face masks and gloves in addition to the handwashing facilities containing strong disinfectants, located at different points on campus.

All inpatient and outpatients at BCDO have been trained on the signs of COVID19 and how to prevent the spread of COVID19.

One of the Nurses at Busesa Medical Center III explaining the signs of COVID 19 to outpatients who have come to access medical services

Busesa Medical Center III has endeavored to localize the message by the Ministry of Health in different languages so that people easily understand the ways of preventing the spread of the COVID19 pandemic.

The BCDO Executive Director Mr. Lubega Richard conducted a training of health workers for BUSEESA MEDICAL CENTER III and the auxiliary staff on the skills to prevent COVID 19 .

Dr. Lubega Richard (Leftmost) conducting training at Busesa Medical Center III

He urged them to emphasize the practice of health education on preventive measures like hand washing, wearing masks, avoiding crowding and unnecessary movement.

Proper screening of patients at out patient department is strictly done to rule out corona virus infection

Says Richard
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