BCDO Participates in the 2019 ICIPE Workshop

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Busesa Community Development Organization was among the 20 model farm organizations selected in Uganda by International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology ( ICIPE) to get trained as trainer of trainees on grasshoppers, black solder flies and crickets as a source of food and feed at ICIPE in Nairobi Kenya as one strategy of solving issues of increasing demand for protein with the increasing population.

In his facilitation, Dr. Subramanian Sevgan said that there a 50 – 85% increase in demand for food and meat. He added that edible insects are a depleting traditional food system in Africa, which needs to be revived. He continued to say that Approximately 500 species of insects are eaten across Africa (More than 1/3 of the global list)

Dr. Subramanian Sevgan, Entomology professional at ICIPE making a presentation

During his presentation, it was clear that Central and Southern Africa are hot spots of edible insects. Paradoxically, food and nutritional security situation in these countries remain precarious says Sevgan. This means that East Africans have the opportunity to explore new sources of proteins from insects as food and feeds.

He further highlighted on the cost benefit of rearing insects. He said that 1 kg of termites is sold at € 10 in Kenya (van Huis, 2013). The price of R. differens is $ 2.8 per kg compared to $ 2 per kg for beef.

Dr. J. P. Egonyu, a professional Entomologist at ICIPE said that there are Business opportunities in Insects for Feed including but not limited to;

  • Black Soldier Fly is produced at $0.2/kg and sold at $0.9 – 1.0/kg
  • Estimate of dry insect required to replace fishmeal in Kenya: 90,000 t/ year, with potential of > 14,000 jobs
  • Synergy expansion: 3,600 t/year
  • Business Incubation opportunity
Dr. J. P. Egonyu, a professional Entomologist at ICIPE giving his remarks

In his closing remarks he said that edible insects are prospect for food, nutritional security and income generation in Africa. Enabling policy through establishment of standards for edible insects, especially for Insects as human food is crtical in our effots for scale up.

BCDO was fully represented by the Executive Director Mr. Lubega Richard, and he was awarded a certificate of participation for successfully completing a 5 days training of trainers (TOT) on rearing longhorned grasshoppers and other insects for food and feed.

Mr. Lubega Richard (in a suit) receiving a certificate of participation as a Trainer of Trainee.

In an interview an interview with Richard after the workshop, he said that BCDO is going to setup a demonstration site for long-horned grasshoppers and black soldier fly. The site will be used to train interested groups in Mid-western region of Uganda. He however added that the project requires funds for setting up a fully fledged demonstration site.

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