A big number of people have actively utilized our health services at Buseesa Medical Centre iii and we managed to see a total number of clients in 2017 and 2018 as shown below.

Year Antenatal Deliveries family Planning Laboraroty OPD
Jan-Dec 2017 502 294 1898 3885 8828
Jan-Dec 621 412 1884 3143 7487
  1. Health education programme on reproductive health and agriculture has been successfully conducted on Karuguuza Community Radio (KDR) and Emambya Fm throughout the year 2018
  2. A farm of 50 pigs has been set up and maintained with improved IMO structures committed with piped water and nopples that suppliers pigs with drinking water. More skills in mixing animal feeds using local maize soya bean and fish (mukene) has been achieved in order to reduce on costs of buying ready mixed feeds.
  3. New techniques has been introduced to produce good quality breads and male pigs have been castrated to enhance their quick growth.
  4. New breeds of goats have been stocked and paddock system of goats raring has been adopted which enables goats to feed freely and quick growth hence maximizing profits in the projects.
  5. SACCO members’ mobilization and sensitization on utilization of SACCO services was successful. This has contributed to financial growth for the community.
  6. In 2018 three fish ponds were constructed and stocked in Kajuma village Kaisekenkere L.C.I Matale Sub County, this created employment opportunities to people were constructing the ponds and we hope the fish will help to promote good nutrition of people around and outside the community. Also the pond will help to maintain the ecological nature of the area hence conserving the natural environment.
  7. Many people have been tested for HIV and the positive clients have been enrolled for ANTIRITROVIRAL THERAPY (ART) and they have complied well on treatment. Routine immunization of children, antenatal, delivery of pregnant mothers and laboratory services have been offered through- out the year round


  • Lack of enough funds to implement the set objectives as the organization depends on own – self generated resources to enable it fulfill short falls in funding.
  • Poor road infrastructures in the targeted areas which affects service delivery.
  • Lack of skills of the beneficiaries leading to slow implementation of programs.
  • Weather changes which affect planning and implementation of programs.
  • Lack of improved breeds of animals that grows faster which increases expenses on feeding them.
  • Lack of safer transport means for our resources which results into losses and destruction of transported materials for the organization.


The core problems of BCDO have been addressing mainly extreme poverty and in adequate health service delivery.

The number of people living below poverty line is high as well as poor access to clean and safe water and appropriate sanitation facilities both at house hold and community level including educational institutions.

This is due to; lack of enough funds in Government Budget allocations, laxity in implementing public health laws and sensitization of communities.

BCDO is therefore targeting rural poor people, households at risk, and communities with unsafe water sources poor sanitation facilities, areas with high incidences of preventable diseases and HIV/ AIDS, high nutrition deficiencies. As the organization tries to fulfill its obligation it will remain focused to those stated target areas and set objectives.    

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